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Responsible Gaming

Grand Casino Bern is committed to providing the very best online entertainment by offering their guests an attractive offer and ensure them an enjoyable game. This means doing everything possible to give our players an enjoyable, responsible and safe gaming experience.

What's "Gambling Addiction"?

Did you know that pleasure can quickly turn into compulsion? It is a serious concern of Grand Casino Bern not to give compulsive gambling any room at all, because the onset of gambling addiction causes profound problems, not only for the player, but also for the player’s family and friends.

Gambling addiction is when the "will to play" becomes an obsession, an all-dominant urge. The gambler not only loses a lot of time and money, but also self-confidence and self-respect. Players are increasingly neglecting important aspects of life such as family, work, hobbies and social commitment. This is usually a lengthy process, and those affected often recognize the addiction very late.

The Three Phases Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addicts usually go through three stages of addiction.

  • Stage 1: the adventure or winning phase

In this phase, the end of the game often wins larger amounts. This experience can lead to the illusion that you can influence the profit by your actions and that you do not only win by pure luck. Inevitably occurring losses are seen by the end of the game as a result of explainable external causes and gloss them over. It becomes alarming if the player continuously spends a lot of money or even takes out loans in order to be able to continue playing. All loans only serve the purpose of being able to play again.

  • Stage 2: the loss phase

In the next stage, the players only use borrowed money. They try to hide these loans as much as possible. In general, the creeping distancing from the family and circle of friends begins at this stage. The way into isolation is fast tracked. The gambler is still convinced that he can get his debt situation under control again. "As soon as I no longer have any debts, I stop playing," is a typical statement at this point.

  • Stage 3: the phase of despair

In the end, playing becomes an all-day occupation and the all-dominant purpose of life. The result is the loss of relationships, work and recognition. The boundary between problematic and addictive play is often fluid. Although not every stage necessarily has to move on to the next.

We take our responsibility towards our valued customers very seriously - player protection is a central concern for us - and Grand Casino Bern is also subject to the strictest legal requirements, which we implement accordingly. We call player protection a "social concept". It is a tailor-made program that was developed in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as well as the care play casinos, among others.

So What Player Protection Measures And Support Do We Provide?

When opening a player account the following points are obligatory - a non-compliance on the part of the player makes an account registration impossible and a participation in the online game is thus impossible:

  • Age control: Participation only possible from the age of 18 (an officially recognized identity card is mandatory)
  • Residence in Switzerland mandatory (truthful address details are mandatory)
  • Definition of loss limits (daily / weekly / monthly)

Support tools for the self-control of the players

Loss Limits is a responsible gaming tool to allow a Player to be able to control how much money they are willing to lose of their own money, by day/week/month.

For example: If a Player sets a daily loss limit of 100CHF and net loses 100CHF during the day, the system will prevent the Player from being able to place any more wagers until the next day.

  • Loss limits are calculated against cash money only, not Bonus money.
  • Bonuses that are forfeited or re-instated do not affect loss limits.
  • Loss limits for the period (daily/weekly/monthly) are reset at midnight.
  • When a loss limit has been reached, no further bets can be made in a game for the remainder of the period.
  • Net winnings from wagers are part of the set loss limit calculation.
  • When a Player increases their loss limit daily/weekly/monthly settings, they must wait 24 hours before they take effect.
  • When a Player decreases their loss limit daily/weekly/monthly settings, the settings will take effect immediately.

Loss Limits Reset - Time Based Period Resets:

  • Limits are automatically reset once a period has passed (daily/weekly/monthly). The loss limit will recalculate when a new period is due to start.
  • When your winnings exceed your wagers for a loss limit period, the net winnings are carried forward into the next loss limit period.
  • If a player requests a withdrawal, at the time of this being fully processed and paid out to the player, this may have an effect on the remaining net winnings for the loss limit period and therefore the remaining amount that can be wagered in the loss limit period.

Loss Limit Calculation:

The carried forward net winnings (gross winnings less gross wagers) from the prior loss limit period and net winnings in the current loss limit period are added to the set loss limit amount to determine the remaining amount that can still be wagered by a player in a set loss limit period. For example, if the player sets a daily loss limit of CHF 100, and the net winnings of the prior loss limit period is CHF 10, and the net winnings of the current loss limit period is CHF 20, the player has CHF 130 to lose before they will not be able to wager any further.

The Players loss limits can be reset by the system providing certain rules are met.

You can choose to do a temporary game withdrawal:

  • Minimum 1 day, maximum 6 months.

It is possible to extend the game withdrawal to all or only certain games. An increase of the self-determined time period will take effect immediately. An application for a reduction is only possible after examination and approval by Grand Casino Bern.

  • Grand Casino Bern – Sozialrat: [email protected]
  • A voluntary suspension can be applied at any time - see below.
  • Self-tests to assess your own playing behaviour are always available, see below.
  • Every player always has access to information about their gaming activity, namely bets, winnings and net results as well as the duration, frequency and net loss of the gaming activity;
  • Support offered by our Customer Service (available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week);
  • Support offered by institutions specialising in gambling and possible addictive behaviour. These include but are not limited to:
    • Careplay: Prevention and early detection of gambling addiction; for socially acceptable gambling.
      Contact: [email protected]
      Website: www.careplay.ch
    • SOS JEU 24h/24h: Intercantonal program to combat game dependence
      Call anonymously:  0800 801 381 
      Website: www.sos-jeu.ch
    • Helpline 143
      Website: www.143.ch
    • Berner Gesundheit, Zentrum Bern
      Eigerstrasse 80
      3000 Bern 23
      Contact:  +41 (0)31 370 70 70
      Hotline  +41 (0)800 070 070 (kostenlos)
      Website: www.bernergesundheit.ch/

Player Suspensions

If you are concerned about your gambling behavior, you may choose to suspend your gaming account.

The suspension will apply throughout Switzerland and is valid for all distribution channels (online casinos and land-based casinos as well as online Swiss lotto). During this time, we will also take all reasonable steps to ensure you do not receive any promotional material.

  • An application for the lifting of the suspension is possible at the earliest after three months and after examination of the casino responsible for the activation.

In accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Gambling Act, we reserve the right, in special cases and after pronunciation and examination of the persons entrusted with player protection to unilaterally block games. This is the case if there is reason to believe that a player is showing a lack of or no control over their gambling behaviour.

National VETO Lock Register

Locked players do not have access to the online game. Every time they register for the first time or log in, they are checked against the national VETO lock register.

Self-assessment tests

If you are worried about your gaming behavior, please take our self-assessment test:

Protection of minors

If you share your computer with friends or family who are under the legal age to participate in our games please make sure that you take the necessary precautions and register with an approved filtering company.

Don't look away / third party hints

As a family member, relative or friend, you can contact us at any time by telephone or in writing to draw attention to a change in a person's behaviour or financial situation in connection with gambling. Do not hesitate to contact us here, we will talk about the situation and together we will find a solution.


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